Below is a list of all the current and proposed projects for the Probe and other cars.  Each image will eventually lead to a project page for progress on each item for either information on future product availability or for the DIY that wants to attempt it on your own.
Secondly is a new transmission possibility for the Probe since the stock transmission  is so old and very weak by today's standards.  This prototype work involves the introduction of a transmission that was used for a very short run in the 2006 Pontiac G6 3.9L 6-speed car.  Yes you read it right - 6-Speed.  Click on the image to follow the progress on this project.
The third project is a cross ram intake manifold which is designed for maximum horsepower and torque at a much wider RPM range than conventional intake manifolds.  It was also designed to be extremely versatile for throttle set-ups.  Many variations can be used when adapted to the upper flanges.  And being as though this design has carbon fiber runners it should run cooler than typical all-aluminum intake manifolds.  Click on the photo for more.

Bonneville Dreamer

I have long been captivated by fast cars such as Formula 1, GTO Series and Bonneville creations.  I have raced before and it was great but I just cannot get Bonneville out of my head.  So I have set a goal to make it to Bonneville in 2012 to attempt to set some records in a 96 Ford Probe GT.  This will be the work log and photo Gallery for this venture. NEW UPDATES POSTED 13 OCT 2011!