This new section is for the DIY crowd.  This is the place to come if you are looking to do something custom or maintenance procedures.  As projects are finished and tested - many of them will come here for your reference.  I will also try to add many maintenance procedures as time permits.

New Digital
Options Added

    Many people would like to install digital guages in the Probe and there are not a lot of options other than purchasing very expensive individual guages that are number only type displays.  Well this is a How-To which will help  you to install your own digital guage cluster from other cars for that extremely custom touch.  Click the image to the left to check out the Digital Cluster How-To.

     This project is about modifying and porting the KLG4 intake manifold for best performance and function.  It is a great alternative to the standard KLZE long neck, curved neck or KLDE intake manifold.  With a little work, a little patience and correct installation -this can be a very good upgrade at a minimal expense.

     Getting tired of weak oil pressure and spinning #6 rod bearings?  Take a peek in here because it might amaze you what has been discovered for the KL motor.  All I can say is: "It's about time!"

     Did your mechanic tell you that your compression is bad due to worn  pistons, cylinders or bad rings -and that it needs a complete rebuild?  Do you trust them?

Check this one out --->>>>>>

More How-To articles will be added in the future.