Michael Perry (USA)


  • 20 Year US Air Force veteran
  • Integrated avionics installation and technician
  • Student at University of Alabama School of Materials Science Engineering
  • Machinist, fabricator and welder


  • Automotive engineering with emphasis on structural design and composites
  • Computer Aided Design and 3D modeling
  • Engine performance engineering
Are you interested in joining the team?  If so then contact XtremeThings and let us know why you want to be a part of the team and what you can do to contribute.  Currently there are not many products offered on this website under the products page.  But XtremeThings can help you with your ideas and help you to get them out there if they are feasible.

If you are a machinist, welder, fabricator, electronics genius, engine builder, CAD designer, graphics designer, engineer wannabee (like myself) or perhaps even a professional driver and if any of this sounds good to you then contact us and we can talk.  Let us know what you have skills for and how you can benefit the team.

One idea to make this work might be to engineer custom parts for people with requests.  Over the years I have gotten many requests for custom design work.  But my lack of machines for machine work or top end welding equipment have been a set-back.  So if you are a welder or a machinist with machines of your own or access to machines you can use at your leisure then you do have a contribution that could be Xtreme!